NOPiLogoPunaneRing (1)NOP – is a cafe and a shop that got its name about 10 years ago, when Tallinn lacked a Neighborhood Organic Place.





neighborhood place, where locals meet, many friends are made and good time is spent, where everybody feels welcome, being that a young family, somebody with a pet or somebody who just came from a nice stroll from Kadriorg Park that is so close by.

Organic means that the best local and organic, where possible (or at least from small producers), produce is used for making everyday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also sold in a little shop that resides in the same place with the cafe.


PRODUCTS & FOOD. We make everything by hands and never use anything chemical. Therefore, when you come to us, you can taste how the real taste of the food and see the real colors of it. We are excited to try out baking/cooking without gluten, lactose, sugar and animal protein. Therefore you can always find something on the menu that either speaks to you philosophically or is according to your dietary needs.






We’re open daily between

Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm

on weekends 9 am – 8 pm

Weekend Brunch menu until 3pm, other days until noon. On 20th of August, we’re open from 10 am til 6pm, serving brunch til 3pm.

On holidays we’re open as weekends, open at 9am and serve Brunch Menu til 3pm, please contact for exact times, if not listed here.

nop-gurmeeturg-2016-veebi43SEASONAL NEWS: Yearly Fall Gourmet Market takes place every second Saturday in September in NOP’s Garden. Please book the calendars for it to take part in this wonderful event.

Already nine years in the row we’ve brought together people and brands behind special goods and products across Estonia. People on both sides, the ones who innovate our food industry and the ones who come to see, chat and buy these goods, have been equally happy with this wonderful once-in-a year day. See you there, once in a year we all come together in our garden!:)

Over the Christmas we will do an ongoing market of Christmas goods inside our shop and– we’ll start in mid December and have it until the first week of January, trying to meet everybody’s holidays and needs.


We’re located in a charming old (very woody:) neighborhood of Tallinn, Kadriorg. We’re happy to take care of and old over 100 years wooden house and its wonderful garden.

Please find us at Köleri Street 1 

For BOOKINGS please e-mail or call +372 6032270. Currently we’re not taking bookings for weekends for less than 4people. The reason being – we’ll fit everybody, please just come and see:).

For all other requests please contact


We’d be happy to serve you, welcome or ‘Tere Tulemast’ as locals say 😉



NOPiLogoPunaneRing (1) OUR MENU in the MORNINGS 8 -noon / weekends 9- 3pm


6NOP-i sügis-talv 2015 (9) NOP-i sügis-talv 2015 (14)








MORNING PASTRIES  selection of sweet and savory    2-2.2

ORGANIC RAW BUCKWHEAT  fried with bacon, leek, spinach, sour cream (fried egg+1) ((L), G)   5

MANGO-CHIA RAW OATMEAL (V, G, L, sugar) overnight soaked glutenfree oats, almond milk, berries 6

GREEN SMOOTHIE BOWL (V, L) with ryegranola & ovenrhubarb (coconutwater,
hempseeds, spinach, nettleflour, peanutbutter) 7

BLUEBERRY – PURPLE SWEET POTATO PANCAKE (L,G) with summerberries jam 7

HERRING + POTATO   blackcurrant marinade herring, chive – herring roe – cream cheese, fresh salad (G) 7.5

AVOCADO WITH KIMCHIRADDISH (V, L) on roasted cornbread with kimchiraddich, sprouts, nori: smoked salmon +3 /bacon +2   6.5

POACHED EGGS with SMOKED SALMON  and avocadomash on toasted organic rye bread, salad  (L)    7.5

KIMCHI LATKES with FRIED EGG red cabbage kimchi in potato pancake, fried egg, bacon, chive-herring roe creem cheese (G) 6

SCRAMBLED EGGS with GRILLED CHEESE and fresh salad (G)  7

QUINOASALAD WITH SMOKED SALMON (L, G) with spinach, kale, sugarpeas 11

– vegan version with tofu and roasted seeds €9

 NOPiLogoPunaneRing (1) for LUNCH, DINNER kitchen closes 9 pm









S N A C K I N G  .•S H A R I N G •S A N D W I C H E S       

HUMMUS PLATE (V, L) three different hummuses with tortilla  5

BABA GANOUSH smoked eggplant hummus with organic ryebread crisps (V, L, G)

KALE CHIPS garlic oil (V, L, G)  3

FERMENTED CUCUMBERS chive-herring roe-cream cheese, ryebread crisps   5

AVOCADO WITH KIMCHIRADDISH (V, L) on roasted cornbread with kimchiraddich, sprouts, nori: smoked salmon +3 /bacon +2   6.5

POACHED EGGS with SMOKED SALMON  avocadomash on toasted organic rye bread, salad (L) 7.5

W A R M   D I S H E S

SEAFOOD SOUP rich seafood soup with mussels, tiger praws and salmon (L, G) 11

POTATO PANCAKE herring in blackcurrant marinade, chive – herring roe – cream cheese, fresh salad (G)  7.5

QUINOASALAD WITH SMOKED SALMON (L, G) with spinach, kale, sugarpeas 11

– vegan version with tofu and roasted seeds €9

VIETNAMESE SALAD shredded duck confit, glass noodles, mango, peanuts  (L, G)  9

EGGPLANT  oven baked spiced eggplant with wild rice-olives-almonds-raisins, horseradish-lime-yoghurt, chimichurri (G, (V, L- without yoghurt)) 8

BALTIC HERRING (L, G) horseraddish – smoked paprika-marinated and fried small herrings, young potato, kimchiraddish, onion 9
LAMB Maroccon spicy local organic lamb stew with chickpeas, lentils, garden vegetables, pomegranate seeds, creek yoghurt (G)  13
NOPiLogoPunaneRing (1)NOP’s CAKES
 17 (1)45







CAKES cream cheese/chocolate/raw/vegan/gluten or sugarfree/pavlovas/truffles/etc.      3.7… 5

V– vegan L– lactose free, G– glutenfree. We use only organic Äntu farm’s eggs in our dishes, source buckwheat and oats from local organic farms. 

NOPiLogoPunaneRing (1)




GREEN SMOOTHIE BOWL (V, L) Ryegranola, ovenrhubarb, coconutwater, hempseeds, spinach, peanutbutter 5

Boiled organic raw BUCKWHEAT with sour cream /butter (V, G, L- without sourcream) (bacon +2)  2

MANGO-CHIA RAW OATMEAL (V, G, L) Soaked glutenfree oats, almondmilk, berries 2.5

BLUEBERRY – PURPLE SWEET POTATO PANCAKE (L,G) with summerberries jam 5.5

KALE CHIPS with garlic oil (V, L, G)     3

PASTA creamy pasta with cheese and grilled chicken filet (with ovenbaked salmon +2)   4

MEATBALLS organic meat meatballs, potato pancake, sour cream, cucumbers – tomatoes (G)    4